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If you find our work helpful, you can help us to keep it up:

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  • 👛 Gift us, so we can continue investing time into creating content.

If you can afford to spend a €/$ or two, please gift us. You are funding time that will be spent on tuxwise content – time that that would otherwise need go to freelancing work, to pay our bills. It’s as simple as that.

You can gift us via liberapay

We’ll celebrate reaching 25 recurring gifts / month by creating a permanent chat channel for conversations with our readers.

Our first goal & commitment

What’s liberapay, and why do we prefer and endorse it, instead of just slapping a PayPal button onto this page?

  1. Well-known projects that are much larger than us trust it, too: FreeCAD, GIMP, K‑9 mail, KeePassXC, Kodi, LibreOffice, Manjaro Linux, matrix, Syncthing, …
  2. liberapay checks off the basics: a secure recurrent donations platform, running on open source software, operational since 2015.
  3. It is run by an EU-based non-profit org, and funds itself by donations, not by fees. Which we think is fair, especially towards content creators who don’t earn big. Like us.
  4. It does not disclose to us who you are, when you gift us. You stay anonymous.
  5. It allows us to accept gifts in multiple currencies, either via credit card (world-wide), or via SEPA direct debit (most European countries) payments.

Please note

liberapay is meant for recurring gifts, but the minimum is literally a symbolic amount / month. You always stay in control, and can discontinue your support at any time, with the click of a button. Test-drive it with a symbolic amount and increase it later, if you don’t trust it from the outset. You may also set the renewal to manual, to receive a reminder.
Please note that what you’ll give is a gift, a real sacrifice: while we’re obliged by law to pay taxes for what we receive, also by law we’re neither allowed to promise any product or service in return, nor to issue any kind of invoices to those who gift us. Contributions aren’t tax-deductible as charitable contributions either. Sorry – our content is all we have to give.

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