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About tuxwise

»Linux Open Source News & Know-How for Office Tasks.«

Our content is for solopreneurs, trainers, facilitators, and everybody else who tackles their office tasks using open source software under Linux. Tasks over tech!

What you’ll find here

  • Know-how about how Open Source can make tricky things easier, routines faster, and the impossible possible.
  • Inspirations that will increase your terminal literacy.
  • Longer episodes that will each drain a typical task swamp, and offer solutions you can build on.

You can find a more elaborate overview here.

What you won’t find here

  • »Ten reasons why you should install Linux, today!«. We assume you’ve already made that decision.
  • »Twelve audio players that will blow your mind«. We usually have one software recommendation per office task, and we don’t do list posts.
  • Sneaky software. We’re committed to privacy, and sometimes we look at a piece of software and just say »Nope«.

Where to find us

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