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A person with a headtorch approaching the entrance to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, at night. Ground lit with green light from the top of the entrance, sky with a purple hue, showing stars.

S02E01 Archive this!

So you need to archive data for years (if not decades), and you really don’t trust a service provider to both stay in business, and play fair, for that long a time frame.

The fictional car and time machine "DeLorean DMC-12", winged doors spun open, set against a dark gray background.

S01E03 Secure backups, and a time-machine for your home office

So, you are the IT department in charge of your home office backups. Let’s implement secure backups, and a time machine for home office Linux users.

A scrapbook lying open on a wooden table, old photographs and various paper scraps and memorabilia spread over the open pages and parts of the table.

S01E02 »Can I have this as a PDF?«

So, you’ve got a handful of files and need to turn them into PDF format. PDF files that don’t just look good on your device, but everywhere, and are suitable for a long-term archiving.

Here’s what you can do.

A young man in shorts and t-shirt, standing on a cobblestone street, before a wall of paintings

S01E01: »Damn, this PDF is all I’ve got…«

So, all you’ve got is a PDF file full of information – but you need (some of) its content in a different format.

Here’s what you can do.

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