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Welcome to tuxwise! What we’re all about, in general, can be found here.


Think of episodes as of ultra-elaborate howtos, related to a central topic. An example that focuses on what you can do with PDF files is S01E01: »Damn, this PDF is all I’ve got…«

You can find all episodes here.

Setups & Configs

We’re posting setup and configuration howtos for the software that we recommend. These posts reflect what we consider to be good practices.

You can find all setups & configs here.

Curated lists

Were maintaining curated lists that we deliberately keep short. We don’t see value in maintaining yet another list of everything we could find; instead, we pick a few items that won’t disappoint you. Feel free to suggest alternatives that comply with to our principles for picks.

You can find our list of recommended software here, and our list of recommended info sources here.


We’re posting news, too – if they’re related to office tasks.

Follow on Mastodon. Expect a low volume of toots, we never post for the sake of posting something to keep you busy.

Our categories and RSS feeds

We categorize all of our content. Strictly speaking, our categories are tags that are more general, because what we post can belong to several categories.

You can find our categories and the corresponding RSS feeds here.

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